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The City of Raymond welcomes you to our website designed to help residents and visitors find information about our town. Raymond is a great place to live and work. We have an elementary school, two churches, two parks, 300 homes, and several businesses.

We are located just one mile off Interstate 380 and 7 miles east of Waterloo. The 2010 census reported our population at 788.

Please explore our website and let us know if there is any information you would like to see added. Thank you for visiting


The City Council of Raymond met in a regular session on May 15, 2017 at 6:02 p.m. at Raymond City Hall with Mayor Pro Tem Vick presiding.  Vick, Pint, Niewoehner present.  Mayor Johnson, Smith, McGowan absent.  Mayor Pro Tem Vick led in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Pint/Niewoehner motion to approve the agenda.  Ayes-Pint, Niewoehner, Vick.  Motion carried 3-0. (Smith entered at 6:04 p.m.) Smith/Pint motion to approve the Consent Agenda:  Minutes of May 1, 2017 regular meeting; Resolution 1273 authorizing payment of bills and transfers; Clerk/Treasurer Report (April 2017), Receipts (April 18, 2017 – May 15, 2017), Sheriff’s Report (April 2017) Ayes–Smith, Pint, Vick, Niewoehner.  Motion carried 4-0.

May Disbursements: Total $33,087.24; General Fund $17,682.05; Road Use $4,631.28; Sewer $5,216.46; Water $5,557.45; Debt Service $0.00; Cap Improv $0.00; SR-LOST $0.00; SR-TIF $0.00.

April Receipts: Total $;147,249.89; General Fund $84,827.96; Road Use $5,598.31; Special Rev. (LOST) $6,807.46; SR -TIF/UR $27,541.88; Debt Service $84.12; Water Utility $79.12; Sewer Utility $22,310.75; Cap Improv $0.29

May Bills:

Payroll                                  $2,994.19                              

MidAmerican Energy              $1,239.22

CenturyLink                          $   168.30                               

Waterloo Courier                   $   373.29

Kluesner Construction            $1,337.50                               

Waterloo Water Works           $   213.54

Advanced Systems, Inc.        $   266.41                          

Bill Johannes                        $     59.39

Black Hawk Co. Engineer      $   371.94                               

Card Services                      $   808.40

City of Elk Run Heights         $4,500.00                               

ECI Cooperative                  $   121.65

INRCOG                              $   182.88                               

IPERS                                 $   529.77

Meyers Nursery                   $   740.00                               

Menards                             $     19.98

MSA Professional Services   $9,225.00                               

Nancy Miebach                    $     25.00       

Orville Weber                      $   635.00                               

Petty Cash                          $     62.98

RC Systems Radio Comm.       $   259.25                               

Roberts,Stevens,Prendergast  $1,500.00

Terracon                               $3,065.00                               

Volunteer Ctr. Of CV              $     50.00

Waste Management               $3,445.00                               

Waterloo Water Works           $   236.80

Superior Welding Supply        $   577.75                               

Quad County Fire School       $     25.00

Nancy Steffen                       $    54.00                                

Inquiries from the Audience-None.

Pint/Niewoehner motion to open the public hearing at 6:12 p.m. to adopt Resolution No. 1274 – A Resolution adopting Budget Amendment for the Fiscal Year ending June 30, 2017.  Ayes-Pint, Niewoehner, Smith, Vick.  Motion carried 4-0.  No comments received from the public.  Councilperson Pint had a few questions and City Clerk clarified those for her.  No other comments.  Pint/Smith motion to close the public hearing at 6:13 p.m.  Niewoehner/Pint motion to approve Resolution No. 1274 and authorize City Clerk to submit to County Auditor.  Ayes-Niewoehner, Pint, Smith, Vick.  Motion carried 4-0.

Fire Dept.–Four calls last month.  May 22nd they will have the state burn trailer at H.E. Pint Park for training.  No new members.  The fire dept. received a second bid to replace the concrete on the outside of bay 1; it came in between $1700-$1900.  Discussion was held on increasing the size of their can recycle bin to separate cans from bottles and putting it on a concrete base.  Fire Chief Dolf stated they now take the cans/bottles in themselves but they are going to see when they fix the concrete on bay 1 if they can pour a base for the can bin.

Building Permits/Inspections/Code Enforcement–no report.

Street Department–Prairie Roads will be patching Lafayette Rd. tomorrow. On Washington St. across from Knipp’s house, Knipp’s have mowed the area across from the street from their house for years to keep it looking nice and now would like to have the City start mowing it since it is City property.  The City mows the portion just east of this area to Lafayette Rd.  Councilperson Vick stated if it’s the City’s property then the City should be mowing it.  The railroad owns 25 feet from the center of the tracks on both sides, so the railroad owns a portion and the City owns the rest.  Council stated the City should start mowing this area.

Parks Department-Nothing new to report.

Discuss/Action on 2-tier sewer billing system for compliant & non-compliant drainage of sump pump/floor drains/eaves spouts–City Engineer Huck forwarded about four examples of how other cities are handling this.  City Attorney Hosack will forward examples of ordinances from other cities that have a non-compliant charge for Council to review before holding a public hearing on a non-compliant charge.  Pint/Niewoehner motion to table until the June 5, 2017 Council Meeting.  Ayes-Pint, Niewoehner, Vick, Smith.  Motion carried 4-0.

Discuss charges for water meter replacement –City Attorney Hosack stated he sent Waterloo Water Works a letter asking to change the 28E agreement to match Raymond’s ordinance and he hasn’t heard back from them.  Pint/Smith motion to table until the June 5, 2017 Council Meeting.  Ayes-Pint, Smith, Vick, Niewoehner.  Motion carried 4-0.

Engineering Report-Waterloo Water Works is transitioning between staff right now and we are waiting on an answer that effects the easement on whether Waterloo Water Works will allow us to install water service to the Bigler property.  The Turkey Ridge shooting club is meeting this week to review and sign the easement.

(Mayor Johnson entered at 6:33 p.m.)

Discuss/Action on Wastewater Facility Plan Revision- Joint Sewer Committee meeting is Thursday, May 18th at 6:30 p.m. to go over project concept and cost with Jason Miller of MSA Professional Services.  City Clerk received an updated flow reading with the Electric Pump meter readings.  Council says this doesn’t really tell them anything and will wait until Elk Run Heights has had that pump on their line to compare the totals.

Discuss/Action on Royal Ridge Detention Pond-City Attorney Hosack stated he hasn’t heard back on the clarification of the easement so he will contact Gary Schmitz’s attorney.  Mayor Johnson stated he spoke with Gary the other day and Gary wants to be able to access some tile whether it dumps into the detention pond or the city allows him to go underneath the detention pond.  City Engineer said the only way the tile would be disturbed if the City decided to make the detention pond deeper.

Public Works informed Council that the area where the City raised manholes North of W. Lafayette Rd., crops have been planted right up to the manholes so this area will not have to be mowed and they know if the City has to get in to do any maintenance on those manholes and damage some of their crops, since this is City property the City is no responsible for any damage loss to crops.

Discuss on Raymond Days-There was a committee meeting May 10th.  Preliminary agenda:  5K registration at 7:30 a.m. race at 8 a.m., 10 a.m. parade, beer tent from 1 p.m. to 11 p.m.,  rummy & 500 tournament starting at 1 p.m. but need an adult to help organize these card games, bingo at 3 p.m., pie auction at 5 p.m., band at 8 p.m. and fireworks at 10 p.m.  We will need to hire a deputy sheriff to be on duty from 1 p.m. to 11 p.m. which will cost around $350.  There will be a food tent. There will be a dunk tank but need to have someone man this area along with the inflatable kids games.  More volunteers are needed in every area.  Next committee meeting will be Tuesday, May 30th at 6 p.m. at Tipsy’z Bar & Grill. All are welcomed to attend.

Discuss/Action on load embargo roads in City limits-Mayor Johnson received a phone call from Sheriff Thompson explaining that it is “someone’s” opinion that our load embargo on V49 with Raymond City limits is illegal.  Johnson stated a letter from 2013 from the Assistant Attorney General’s Office was emailed to him regarding jurisdiction over Farm-to-Market extensions within corporate limits of cities referencing Iowa Codes 321.471 and 321.473 in regards to posting weight limits on roadways.  Councilperson Pint stated what she got out of the letter is that V49 (3rd St/Raymond Rd.) belongs to the county.  Mayor Johnson said he read it as V49 is a jointly held road with Raymond and Black Hawk County.  Pint stated we the only 28E agreement we have with Black Hawk County is for snow removal on Dubuque Rd. and for Dubuque Rd. shoulder maintenance.  City Attorney Hosack asked what the population of Raymond was and have they ever been below 500 in population.  Johnson stated as of 2010 population in Raymond was 788 and we have never been below 500.   Hosack said his reading of the letter is that its joint jurisdiction and every issue in the assistant attorney general’s letter refers to when jurisdiction has been taken away or when it didn’t exist to begin with.  It also says the municipality and county should work together.  Pint said if the County wants to own V49, they can help us pay for the resurfacing of V49.  Johnson said he’d be more than happy to pay for half of the $30K to install a paved shoulder the County wants to install on south of Dubuque Rd. on V49 if the County pays half of the $400K bill to fix V49 from Dubuque Rd. to Conard Rd.  City Attorney Hosack said it’s his and City Attorney Steven’s opinion it’s an unsettled question and they think Raymond has a valid law and if the County wants to say that differently, then they should take everything that comes with the road, they should have all responsibility.  Councilperson Vick stated when semis come to the intersections of Lafayette Rd. & S. 3rd St., they take up all lanes to be able to make the turns and stalls traffic and most times traffic has to back up to allow semi to make the turn.  Vick feels this is the biggest reason the roads needs to be embargoed, and yes weight is an issue too.  Councilperson Smith said an empty semi under 20,000 lb empty weight is allowed to go through the City.  Mayor Johnson said we should send a letter to Black Hawk County Board of Supervisors stating Council expects them to pay for half of the repair cost for 3rd St. according to Iowa Code 306.4 (4)(b) and see how they respond.   Hosack said we already know what their response is going to be.  Mayor Johnson yes we know but then we go to mediation and he’s willing to do that; Johnson recommends to Council this is what we do.  Johnson said the City has not negotiated anything with Black Hawk County on who is supposed to be maintaining V49.  City Attorney Hosack said what if we sent a letter to Black Hawk County Board of Supervisors asking for clarification that says Raymond’s understanding, if we follow your interpretation, is that the County should be splitting the repair costs with Raymond.  Councilperson Niewoehner said as it sits now, there’s a lot of gray area and we need to see what the County’s clarification is on it.

Vick/Niewoehner motion to set the public hearing for Monday, June 5, 2017 at 6:00 p.m. on a loan agreement in the principal amount not to exceed $100,000 for the 3rd Street Rehabilitation project.  Ayes-Vick, Niewoehner, Smith, Vick.  Motion carried 4-0.

Vick/Niewoehner motion to set the public hearing on Monday, June 5, 2017 at 6:00 p.m. to approve Resolution 1275 – A Resolution awarding the alternative Bid to Aspro, Inc. for the 3rd Street North from Royal Ridge to Conard Road in the amount of $70,354.50.  Ayes-Vick, Niewoehner, Smith, Pint.  Motion carried 4-0.

Discuss/Action on sale of fireworks and amending Ordinance 45 Section 23-City Clerk states currently the City’s Ordinance on fireworks allows, upon application in writing, a permit for the display of fireworks by an individual. City Clerk stated someone was asking if they rented a building in Raymond would Raymond Ordinance allow him to sell fireworks.  Clerk said she didn’t think it would but Council was meeting on Monday and will be reviewing this ordinance due to the state law change.  Clerk said a review should include whether to have any restrictions (time/location/etc.), as well as whether or not to continue to require a permit.  If a permit is deemed necessary then a review of the permit fees may be in order. City Attorney Hosack stated he will gather ordinances from other cities and forward to City Clerk.  Vick/Pint motion to table until the June 5, 2017 Council meeting.  Ayes-Vick, Pint, Niewoehner, Smith.  Motion carried 4-0.

Discuss/Action on REAP Grant- City Parks & Open Space Funds-City Clerk received an email from INRCOG regarding funding opportunity through the state’s Resource Enhancement & Protection (REAP) program.  One of the grant opportunities is City Parks and Open Space funds.  Applications are due August 15th.  Parkland expansion and multi-purpose recreation developments are typical projects funded.  Ineligible projects include athletic fields, baseball/softball diamonds, tennis courts, golf courses, swimming pools, playground equipment.  Grants are 100 percent; local matching funds are not required but are encouraged.  Fund ceilings for population of 0-1999 if $50,000 maximum.  Council instructed City Clerk to apply for an extension of the walking path to go south then west around the baseball diamonds.

Communications –Sheriff Thompson’s town hall meeting will be Tuesday, May 16th at 6:30 p.m. at Raymond City Hall.  City Clerk stated Beth Shannon, owner of Tipsy’z Bar & Grill, applied for a non-opaque fence variance and was requested a variance for a four foot covered wood fence (on handrail to prevent splintering/weathering) with stainless steel cable rail kit on the east side of the building at 309 S. 3rd St.  After researching, Shannon stated the cost of the covering the wood would be quite costly and would like to install another type of non-opaque fence but doesn’t feel she should have to pay a second variance fee.  Clerk wants advice from City Attorney on how to proceed.  City Attorney stated Board of Adjustments decision is final so another meeting would be necessary for them to vote on a different type of fence and they can vote on whether to waive the application fee. Councilperson Pint and Mayor Johnson said they would strongly advise the Board of Adjustments to waive the fee.

Smith/Pint motion to adjourn at 7:49 p.m.  Ayes-Smith, Pint, Vick, Niewoehner.  Motion carried 4-0.

Nancy Miebach, City Clerk


Link to the Alert Iowa Website. You can sign up for Alert Iowa warnings:




Hawkeye Valley Area Agency on Aging meals are offered on a contribution basis for people over 60 years of age. Actual cost for the meal is $7.26. People under the age of 60 must pay the actual cost. Meals are offered on a contribution basis to those ages 60 and over. Meals are offered at the United Method Church in Raymond at noon on Wednesdays. For more information, to reserve a place or order a meal, call the Senior Center at 319-272-2086.  
May 24th: A:  Crustless Chicken Pot Pie, California Vegetable Blend, Mixed Green Salad, Biscuit, Hot Spiced Pears, Salad Dressing.  B:  Beef & Bow Tie Casserole, California Vegetable Blend, Mixed Green Salad, Biscuit, Hot Spiced Pears, Salad Dressing.  
May 31st:  A:  Smothered Chicken, Baked Potato, Sour Cream, Harvard Beets, Multi-Grain Bread, Fresh Seasonal Fruit.  B: Liver & Onions, Baked Potato, Sour Cream, Harvard Beets, Multi-Grain Bread, Fresh Seasonal Fruit.






Raymond Days Committe Meeting will be held Tuesday May 30th at 6 PM at Tipsy'z Bar & Grill.  All are welcome to attend!